| Manchester Piccadilly Station Car Park

Manchester Piccadilly Station Car Park

Manchester Piccadilly Parking

Manchester Piccadilly Parking

For business or leisure stays.
  • Short walk from the station
  • Metrolink to ETHIAD stadium
  • Perfect for shops & nightlife
From £5.00

Manchester Piccadilly Station Car Park - Carpark Information



Location: Manchester Piccadilly Station, Boad Street, Manchester, M1 2RP

Entry Procedure: On arrival, please drive up to the entry barrier and press for a ticket (please keep this ticket safe as you will need it when exiting the car park). Please park your car in the nearest available space and remember to take all of your personal belongings with you.

Exit Procedure: Please take your entry ticket and your booking confirmation (printed, phone or tablet version) to the APCOA Customer Service office in the car park. Staff there will confirm your booking and validate your ticket, allowing you to exit the car park. Please then return to your vehicle and make your way to the exit barrier, at the exit barrier insert the validated ticket into the exit column and the barrier will raise.

Security Measures: There is CCTV in operation at this car park

Facilities for Blue Badge Holders: There are 21 Blue Badge spaces, normal charges apply. They are around 100 metres from the station entrance, access is step free.

Height Restrictions: 1,96M

Please be advised that only limited number of spaces are available to pre-book online!

Manchester Piccadilly Station Multistorey Car Park.
Phone : 0345 222 4224
Number of parking space : 857
Entrance Height: 1.96 Meters
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