Terms And Conditions


1. Introduction.

These are the terms and conditions upon which we accept bookings on line or by telephone to park at our Railway Station Car Parks. It is important that you read them and understand them before completing your Booking.

Our Conditions of Parking also apply and form part of the same contract that is created by a Booking. These are set out below. Again please read them and understand them before completing your Booking.

When reading these Booking and Payment Terms the following words or phrases have the following meanings:-

 “Booking Period” means the period commencing with the time and date that you specify as your time and date of entry to the Car Park, and ending on the time and date that you specify for leaving it.

 “Car Parks” means the car parks controlled by us and “Car Park” shall be interpreted accordingly.

 “Conditions of Parking” means the conditions of parking published on our website and displayed at the entrance to our Car Parks.

 “Tariff Board” means any board or notice at a Car Park displaying the charges to be paid for parking.

 “Booking” means any booking for the parking of a Vehicle at a Car Park and includes both a Fixed Booking and a Flexible Booking.

 “Booking and Payment Terms” means these booking and payment terms.

 “Flexible Booking” means a Booking which can be cancelled in accordance with our standard cancellation policy.

 “Non-Flexible Booking” means a Booking which cannot be cancelled or amended save for Permissible Amendments.

 “Permissible Amendments” means only amendments to:-

    - time of entry but only on the Booking commencement date
    - vehicle registration details;
    - driver details.

 “Vehicle” means any vehicle which is parked in a Car Park and includes any mechanical device on wheels or tracks, its
equipment and accessories.

 “We, us, our” means APCOA Parking (UK) Limited.

 “You, your” means any person who makes a Booking or (where the context allows) uses a Car Park for the parking of a Vehicle.

The headings are for information only and do not affect the interpretation of these Booking and Payment Terms.

These Booking and Payment Terms and any Booking resulting from them are subject to English law.

2.  The Agreement between you and us.

2.1  These Booking and Payment Terms apply to your Booking. So do the Conditions of Parking.

2.2  We intend relying on both the Booking and Payment Terms and the Conditions of Parking. If there is anything you do not understand or do not agree with please discuss this with us before you making your Booking

2.3  Our employees or authorised agents are not permitted to make any representations unless these are confirmed in writing. If we agree changes please ask us to confirm them in writing. We can then avoid problems over what has been agreed between us

2.4  Nothing in these Booking and Payment Terms or the Conditions of Parking affects your statutory rights.

2.5  If you book online a binding agreement will exist between you and us after you have transmitted a completed booking form to us and we have sent our e-mail acknowledgement to you in accordance with condition 3 below

3. How to Book Online.

3.1  If you wish to park your Vehicle in our Car Park and wish to book online please complete in full the online application and you will receive a booking confirmation email to the email address provided in the application. This confirmation includes your booking reference number.

3.2  Pre-booked prices for online booking are subject to a minimum payment for 24 hours parking even if your intended stay is shorter. You will be charged for an additional 24 hours parking for each successive 24 hour stay or part thereof. Times of arrival and departure are needed to calculate the number of 24 hour periods payable and for operational reasons. If you exceed your stated time of departure but depart within the same 24 hour period indicated on your booking form, you will not suffer any additional charge or penalty. Otherwise you will be charged for a full additional 24 hours.

4. How to Book over the Telephone.

4.1  If you wish to park your Vehicle in one of our Car Parks please call us on 0345 222 4224 . (Calls from UK BT land lines will cost no more than 10 pence per minute. Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary and may be much higher).

4.2  Our telesales staff will complete your booking form by taking the relevant details from you. On completion of your booking you will be given a Booking reference which you will need to quote if you want to contact us about your Booking in future.

4.3  The Booking will be completed when we give you your Booking reference. If you provide us with an e-mail address we will e-mail a confirmation of your Booking to you. In all other cases we will post the confirmation to you at the mailing address you provide on the booking form.

4.4  Please check straight away that the information given on any Booking acknowledgement is correct. Let us know immediately if it is not. Our contact details are set out below.

4.5  The Booking is personal to the person making it. It cannot be transferred to any other person.

5. Changes to the Booking Period.

No refund will be made if your stay is shorter than the Booking Period. If you arrive early or leave late so your Vehicle is parked in a Car Park on days outside the Booking Period, you will be charged for those extra hours and days at the rate specified on the Tariff Board applicable to the Car Park. This will be the case even if your total stay is no longer than the Booking Period. Please note that the rate that you are charged for this extra stay will be the rate that would have been charged for it had you not pre-booked.

6. Booking Disabled Spaces.

Our Car Parks have disabled spaces for use by blue badge holders, but unfortunately we cannot accept bookings specifically for disabled spaces. If you have any particular requirements, please contact a member of staff on arrival. There is a help button and assistance contact number at every Car Park.

7. Cancelling a Booking.

7.1  If your Booking is protected by the cancellation protection insurance which you would have purchased when making your Booking, you can cancel the Booking up to 24 hours in advance of your arrival date and time. In this case a full refund will be processed and received by the customer.

7.2  If you Booking is not protected by the cancellation protection insurance as you did not purchase this when making your booking, you can cancel the Booking up to 24 hours in advance of your arrival time and date but will be charged a £5 cancellation fee.

You can cancel or amend your Booking by e-mail to the address shown on the Contact Us Page. Cancellations must be made no later than 24 hours before your entry date and time.  Amendments must be made no later than 2 hours before your entry date and time.

7.3  You will be charged in full for your Flexible Booking if you:

8. Prices and How to Pay.

8.1  The price that you are quoted includes VAT at 20% and is fixed when you make your Booking.

8.2  You can pay for your Booking by using any of the credit or debit cards that we accept. Details are shown on the booking form. We may charge for the use of credit or debit cards, and the charge may vary according to which card you use. We do not accept payment by cash or cheque.

9. What to do on Arrival.

Barrier controlled car parks

When you arrive at the Car Park you will need to take a ticket from the entrance barrier. On your return you must take your ticket and proof of booking to the car park customer service desk.

Non-barrier controlled car parks (Pay & Display)

When you arrive at the Car Park find a space to park your vehicle and display your booking confirmation on the wind screen/dash board of your vehicle.

10. Vehicles Permitted in our Car Parks.

10.1  We only accept Bookings for cars and light vans. You are not entitled to a refund if your Vehicle exceeds the size limits we impose. Please contact us (our contact details are below) if you wish to check whether your Vehicle will be accepted.

10.2  When you book you may be required to specify the make, type, and registration number of the Vehicle to which the Booking relates. You may change these details at any time before you arrive at the Car Park, at no charge, by contacting us. Our contact details are below.

11. Our Responsibility to You.

11.1  Once you have booked and we have received payment for that Booking, you are entitled to park the designated Vehicle in your selected Car Park. Parking of your Vehicle will be subject to the Conditions of Parking. Confirmation of pre-booking does not mean that a space has been reserved for you.

11.2  We will only use your information for the purpose of processing your booking and payment. We will not disclose your information to anyone outside the Group except where we are required or permitted to do so by law.

12. Train Time.

12.1  It is your responsibility to ensure that you leave enough time to get from your Vehicle to the train platform within the time limits required by the train operating company..

12.2  Under no circumstances do we accept liability to you if you miss your train, even if the delay is due to traffic congestion within or near to the station, or due to the advertised frequency of transport from the Car Park to the station not being maintained for any reason.

12.3  We give no guarantee as to the frequency of transport between Car Parks and the station.

13. Comments and Complaints.

13.1  Any comments - good or bad - relating to the booking procedure should be made in writing to us at our address below. If you feel the need to complain, please give us as much information as possible. This will make it easier for us to deal with your complaint.

13.2  We will try and answer all complaints within 5 working days. If we cannot, we will tell you when we expect to be able to do so. If you want to make a complaint, please do so as quickly as possible as the longer you leave it the more difficult it may be for us to check what happened.

14.  How to Contact Us.

Conditions of Parking


1. Charges.

1.1  The sums we normally charge for parking in the Car Parks will be displayed on the Tariff Board and can be altered at any time at our discretion. Any changes will not affect you if you have already booked or taken a car parking ticket on entry to the Car Park.

1.2  If you have not prepaid when you booked you can pay at any of the Pay Machines situated various locations around the Car Parks. Please ensure you pay immediately before you collect your Vehicle.

1.3  In the event of any Pay Machine failure, you are responsible for finding a Pay Machine that works. We also reserve the right to collect the charges for parking at the exit of the Car Park as Vehicles leave.

2. Tickets.

2.1  The ticket issued is valid only for the Vehicle in respect of which it is issued. Your ticket does not entitle you to use any particular space in the Car Park or to priority over other customers.

2.2  All tickets are our property.

2.3  Keep your ticket with you when you leave your Vehicle. If you lose your ticket you will be charged at the rate specified on the Tariff Board.

2.4  If you are permitted to pay by credit/debit charge card the cards which we will accept will be exhibited on this notice board or on the Pay Machine. We will debit against your card the tariff charge appropriate for your stay at the Car Park (or at the rate specified on the Tariff Board if you lose your ticket) together with any administration charge levied against us by the credit/debit/charge card company.

3. Safety in the Car Park.

3.1  You must drive carefully in the Car Park and strictly observe any speed limits.

3.2  You are responsible for the safety of your children. You must not allow them to be put in danger, or where they could cause an accident. In particular, children must not play in the Car Park and must not be left unaccompanied.

3.3  You should always be aware of other Vehicles in motion.

3.4  You must comply with all directions and signs from time to time posted in the Car Park and all instructions or requests given or made from time to time by any of our employees or agents for regulating traffic and controlling the positioning of Vehicles within the Car Park.

3.5  You must ensure that animals are kept secured on a lead when outside your Vehicle.

4. Securing Your Vehicle.

Unless requested by us or one of our employees servants or agents not to do so you must ensure that before you leave your Vehicle at a Car Park:

4.1  Your Vehicle is securely locked;

4.2  All the windows of your Vehicle and any sunroof are securely locked;

4.3  Your handbrake is fully engaged and your Vehicle left in gear (or, if it is an automatic, left in “Park” mode);

4.4  If your Vehicle is fitted with a steering lock or similar device that it is engaged;

4.5  No person or animal is left in your Vehicle; and

4.6  Your possessions are taken with you or removed from sight and placed in the boot wherever possible.

5. Moving and Relocation of Vehicles.

Please note that this condition applies to all Vehicles, not simply those that are booked for Parking.

5.1  We reserve the right to move your Vehicle within the Car Park by driving or otherwise to such extent as we think in our discretion may be reasonably necessary to avoid obstruction.

5.2  We also reserve the right where the Car Park has to be closed either permanently or temporarily in whole or in part or has to be evacuated in cases of emergency or otherwise to remove any Vehicle at any time to any other location as we reasonably deem appropriate.

5.3  To the extent that it may be necessary to do so in the exercise of the rights given to us in these Conditions of Parking, we, our employees servants or agents have the right to drive or otherwise take any Vehicle out of the Car Park (including on to the public highway) or tow it away.

5.4  We reserve the right to enter a Vehicle (and to use force if necessary) in such a manner as we think necessary without being liable for damage caused to facilitate the exercise of the rights given to us in these Conditions of Parking or to abate any nuisance caused by your Vehicle.

6. Abandoned Vehicles.

We recommend that you tell one of our staff, when you arrive at the Car Park, if you intend to leave your Vehicle in the Car Park for longer than 28 days. Unless you tell us this, or you have pre-booked for longer than 28 days we will be entitled to assume that your Vehicle has been abandoned..

7. What should you do in the case of damage to or theft of from your vehicle.

7.1  If your Vehicle is damaged whilst in a Car Park or is stolen or any of your possessions stolen from it whilst it is in a Car Park you must:-

7.1.1  Immediately inform a member of our staff either in person or via the help button located at each entry barrier, exit barrier, and pay station;

7.1.2  In the case of theft) immediately inform the Police; and

7.1.3  Notify your insurer promptly.

7.2  When you report any incident to us in accordance with condition 9.1 we will complete an incident form which you will be asked to sign. If you believe you have a claim against us you must act in accordance with condition 9.3 below IN ADDITION to completing the incident form.

7.3  If you believe you have a claim against us for any reason you must ensure that within 72 hours of discovering any loss or damage you write to us at our address stated below telling us exactly what happened, and what you are claiming. If you delay doing so, it may be impossible for us to establish exactly what happened or who (if anyone) is to blame. We therefore reserve the right in our discretion not to consider any claim unless it is made within that 72 hour period.

8. Damage to other vehicles or property within the Car Park.

8.1  Should you damage another Vehicle or any part of a Car Park you must report the matter immediately to a member of our staff and give him or her the registration numbers of both Vehicles together with your full name and address and the name and address of your insurance company together with your policy number. In doing so, for the purposes of current Data Protection Act laws and any other relevant law you are consenting to our passing this information on to the owner or driver of any other Vehicle involved.

8.2  You will be required to make good to our reasonable satisfaction any damage caused to the Car Park or to pay to us on demand the cost incurred by us in making good this damage.

9. Our liabilities for loss or damage to Property.

9.1  We cannot guarantee the security of our Car Parks as members of the public have access to them at all times. We do not guarantee to you that security measures that we have in place, for example CCTV or patrols, will be working at all times or, even if they are working that they will be effective in preventing loss, damage, or theft or in identifying who might be to blame.

9.2  Neither we nor our employees servants or agents accept liability for any loss or theft of or from any Vehicle unless caused by the negligence, wilful act or default or breach of statutory duty of us or our employees servants or agents.

9.3  For the avoidance of doubt our liability to you will not be increased where you ask us to valet park your Vehicle

10. Our liabilities for death or person injury.

Neither we nor our employees servants and agents accept liability for the death of or personal injury sustained by you unless it is caused by the negligence, wilful act or default or breach of statutory duty of us or our employees servants or agents.

11. Where you can and cannot Park.

Unless specifically requested to do so by us or our employees, servants or agents you should not under any circumstances:-

o - Park in a no parking area

o - Park a double yellow line

o - Park other than in a designated parking bay

o - Park in a time restricted waiting area for any longer than the allowed time

o - Park in a disabled bay without displaying the required current valid badge

o - Park across two parking bays

o - Park in a space that is marked as “reserved” without authorization

These restrictions also apply to disabled badge holders.

12. Prohibited activities.

12.1  No vehicle shall be towed into the Car Park or enter otherwise than under its own mechanical power and no work or repairs or maintenance to or washing of or cleaning of Vehicles by you or anyone on your behalf shall be done in the Car Park.

12.2  No activity in connection with the selling, hiring or other disposal of the Vehicle shall be carried out in the Car Park.

12.3  No commercial activity shall be conducted from any Vehicle within the Car Park.

12.4  No Vehicle shall obstruct any access or circulation area within the Car Park.

12.5  No Vehicle shall park other than within the spaces designated for parking.

12.6  No person shall do anything in the use of the Car Park that may be a nuisance or inconvenience us or any other user of the Car Park.

12.7  No Vehicle shall cause any unnecessary noise, vibration or exhaust fumes within the Car Park.

12.8  No Vehicle shall be parked so as to take up more than one space designated for parking.

12.9  No person shall do any act or thing which may render valid or void any policy of insurance effected in respect of the Car Park.

12.10  No person shall park in spaces designated as being reserved unless entitled to do so.

12.11  No person shall deposit in the any rubbish, litter or refuse of any kind in the Car Park, other than in proper receptacles provided for the purpose.

12.12  No person shall pour or transfer petrol or other fuels into or out of this fuel tank of any Vehicle.

13. Vehicle size.

13.1  You are required to observe all reasonable restrictions as shall from time to time be made by us in respect of the height length or width of vehicles to be parked in or allowed access to the Car Park.

13.2  It is your responsibility to ensure that your Vehicle satisfies any Vehicle size restrictions imposed in relation to the Car Park. No refund will be given under any circumstances if your Vehicle does not comply with any Vehicle size restrictions and you are required to leave the Car Park.

14. What happens if you breach these Conditions.

If you breach these Conditions of Policy or any of them we reserve the right to require you to leave the Car Park immediately. In these circumstances you will be required to pay for your stay in the Car Park. If you have pre-booked you will not be entitled to any refund for your booking.

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